Sunday, August 23, 2015

striking camp

I still haven't been hired by the Golden Goose, and I still don't know where I'm moving to, but it's time to start packing things up: my time here in Goyang ends in exactly one week, and I need to be out of here by August 30.

Tonight, I'll sneak out to the giant apartment complex across the street and steal all the boxes I'll need. Over the next few days, I'll pack slowly but steadily, then write up an inventory so I know what to tell the yongdal ajeossi when I call his moving service to get my ass to... wherever it is I'm heading next, be it the hoped-for Daecheong Tower or some rinky-dink yeogwan in the southeast part of Seoul.

ADDENDUM: On a culinary note—I ended up eating the rest of my halloumi au naturel, and my local grocer seems to have run out of cilantro, so I won't be making my halloumi cheese sticks or bánh mì sandwiches before I move. That'll have to be a post-move thing.


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