Monday, August 10, 2015

the last two things I will ever cook here

I'm guessing that, this week or next, I'm going to be told by the Golden Goose that I've been hired. I'll probably move into my new place almost immediately after receiving that news. With so little time left, I need to start thinking about packing everything up, but before I do that, I want to have one last hurrah. Actually, two last hurrahs: I want to cook a couple more dishes before I pack up my ovens and turn off my studio's electric range forever.

Those last two dishes?

1. Fried-halloumi cheese sticks.

2. A big-ass, Kevin-style bánh mì.

The fried halloumi shouldn't be hard to do: I simply need to buy flour, some eggs, and panko. I'll create a dry-wet-dry breading station, set myself up for a nice pan fry, and Bob's your uncle, mate. Simple. Easy. Accessible.

The bánh mì, however, is going to be a twist on the sandwich I recently ate. Two major differences: (1) I'll be using an actual baguette—most likely of the modest-sized flûte persuasion, because that'll be slightly closer to what's used in Vietnam—and (2) I'll be adding liver pâté along with the pulled pork.

I'm heading out to Ulsan for a Wednesday-Thursday teaching gig, so the earliest this is going to happen will be Friday.

Des photos à suivre, comme toujours.


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