Tuesday, August 25, 2015

quick updates

1. I'm very likely moving this coming Friday. This hasn't been totally settled yet, but it's 90% settled. Wednesday morning or afternoon, I'm calling the movers and scheduling a damn move. Flatbed trucks, here we come.

2. USCIS wrote me back when I asked them where the hell Mom's documentation was. They had claimed to have closed my case back on August 8. In their latest email to me, they said they'd sent a CD-ROM with Mom's paperwork to my brother David on August 10, but nothing has arrived. I've asked USCIS to re-send. This is ridiculous. Another example of the cosmos working against me. Well, fuck you, cosmos—I'm getting my goddamn paperwork.

3. I start full-time work at the Golden Goose on Tuesday, September 1, which means I have Monday, August 31, free. So I'll be quietly celebrating my 46th birthday in some carb-laden, this-is-very-bad-for-you manner.


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