Saturday, August 08, 2015


1. Charles has put up some photos from his recent trip to Europe—a trip that combined vacation-y sightseeing with the serious business of attending and presenting at conferences. Note that, to view Charles's photos, you need to use your right/left arrows on your keyboard, i.e., scroll sideways. It took me a while to figure that out: I kept trying to scroll up and down, the way normal people do. Ahem. Cough. Harrumph.

2. Jeff Hodges is trapped somewhere in the wilds of Arkansas; he's still blogging, though, and rather amusingly. Give his site a visit and just keep on scrolling down.



Charles said...

Well, I did specifically say that the photos weren't presented vertically. And the horizontal scrollbar is another clue. What can I say--I'm a visionary, man, not a normal person. Not my fault if you can't keep up with my genius.

Kevin Kim said...

Hey, genius,

For what it's worth, the horizontal scroll bar isn't visible on my Mac laptop unless I use a different method to make the picture scroll. For the laptop, that means using two fingers at once, dragging them lightly over the pad. Once your picture starts scrolling, the scroll bar becomes visible, then it disappears again when the pic stops moving. Hovering my cursor over the scroll bar doesn't make it visible, neither does left-clicking on its presumed position.

What this means, for me at least, is that I can't use the scroll bar at all: it's not initially visible, and when it is visible, it's only visible while the pic is moving, so I can't move my cursor over it to use it. I suppose it's good that you mentioned the scroll bar at all: had you said nothing, I'd never have known it was there—until I got the picture scrolling by other means, of course.

Is the scroll bar visible and usable on your computer? Maybe this is an OS or a browser issue. (I use Chrome most of the time.)

Charles said...

Sounds like an OS issue. The scrollbar should be visible at all times, and it is on my system. I'll have to check the code again when I get home; it's possible that Mac Chrome does not recognize the "auto" argument (which would be a legitimate bug in the CSS rendering). A quick googling shows that this does seem to be a problem with the Mac OS, although I haven't looked at any of the results in detail.

I can always try switching the argument to "scroll," which should automatically display a scrollbar. It's still a bug, because the content is clipped and in those situations "auto" should always show a scrollbar, but it may be a workaround.

So I suppose I can forgive you for not immediately seeing the brilliance of my design. I still maintain that I am ahead of my time, though.