Monday, December 14, 2015

"Breaking Bad": almost caught up

I watched the final four episodes of Season 4 of "Breaking Bad" last night. Season 1 was seven episodes long; Seasons 2 and 3 were thirteen episodes each, and Season 5, the final season, weighs in at sixteen episodes, with the season being divided into two 8-episode halves.

The end of Season 4 tells us that the new big villain for Season 5 is none other than Walter White himself—a man who has proven to be capable of making frighteningly Machiavellian choices. Although I already know—thanks to a combination of (1) spoilers, (2) a general intuition about how modern American TV series engage in storytelling, and (3) common sense—where Walt's trajectory ends, my enjoyment of this remarkable series comes from following the path, not from arriving at the destination.

Am looking forward to this.


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Maven said...

I loved that show. I loved Tuco. I loved Gus. I loved... "YEAH MAGNETS BITCH!" Enjoy!