Monday, December 28, 2015

my best posts of 2015

When I say "best posts of 2015," I'm not referring to which posts got the most traffic: I mean the posts that (1) I thoroughly enjoyed writing, and (2) I found the most meaningful. I can't say that many of my posts, this year, actually fit those criteria (most of what I write is crap, after all), but there were a few standouts.

JANUARY: my post on the hagweon charlatan.

FEBRUARY: a humorous email to my goddaughter.

MARCH: alternate histories. Also, a warmup post—never followed up—on linguistic prescriptivism versus descriptivism.

APRIL: the dubious merits of "chalk and talk." Plus, my thoughts on the Baltimore riots.

MAY: I really enjoyed reviewing "Mad Max: Fury Road." Also: on reparadigming the language curriculum.

JUNE: Burgerfest food porn. For sure. And more food porn here.

JULY: I liked my review of "Warrior." I also vented about Greece.

AUGUST: This post has no literary merit, but it describes one of the high points of 2015.

SEPTEMBER: My first (and thus far only) hike up nearby Daemosan. Also: a discussion of Kim Yeon-ah's insincere smile.

OCTOBER: my other high point this year was officiating at my brother Sean's wedding.

NOVEMBER: on "universal values."

DECEMBER: A disagreement with Pat Condell, and my review of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

May the new year prove just as full of things to write about, and may my writing skill continue to improve. After all, what's life without a little focused striving?


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