Thursday, December 24, 2015

getting into the Christmas spirit

My boss gave me two amazing gifts: a very nice slow cooker and a huge, framed Dalma-do. Both of these must have cost a pretty penny. I felt bad telling my boss that I already have a slow cooker, but I assured him that I would be using the new one, which is obviously far, far nicer than the one I'd bought for myself. I'll be regifting my old cooker, perhaps giving it to Ligament. I felt doubly bad for not having gotten anything for my boss, who is indeed a nice guy (well, most of the time... you know how bosses are), but I've promised to make him some real sandwiches this coming week.

Tonight, around 10PM, I'll be at my friend Jang-woong's place, celebrating Christmas Eve with his family after they come home from hours spent at their Catholic church. I don't plan to stay too long: I'll be there only until about midnight before I head back to my place.

On Christmas Day, I'll be making lunch for Ligament, who's going to be visiting. She's been obsessing over grilled cheese lately, so I plan to make her a simple, classic sandwich in the style you see in the movie "Chef" (reviewed here), and I'll also be offering her a bowl of my seafood chowder. To that end, I need to go shopping at Costco this evening for some of the chowder and grilled-cheese ingredients.

Earlier today, I was out in Insa-dong, looking for something to give Ligament for Christmas. I admit I'm clueless about what gifts to buy women (I never shopped that well for Mom—whether for her birthday or for any other occasion), so for all I know, this attempt at gift-giving will crash and burn. But Ligament is a forgiving soul, and I'm kind of relying on that fact to get through the day uninjured.

After that, I'm free to have a quiet Christmas all by my lonesome. I might write one more entry about "Breaking Bad," now that I've finished the entire series. I might also write a supplementary entry about "The Force Awakens," now that 95% of the planet has seen the film. I might go to High Street Market in Itaewon and buy deli meats for the sandwiches I promised my boss. Who knows?

Merry Christmas, folks.


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Bratfink said...

Yes, some women are most difficult to buy for. The best thing to do is to always listen when she points out something she likes, whether in a shop window or on TV or on a person. This means vigilance, but then there are many opportunities for gifting, such as her birthday or Valentine's Day.

Scented candles are usually nice. Does she like slippers? Nice fuzzy socks? Is she into movies? I love getting DVDs as gifts. Books? Does she collect things? (I myself like tiny things. Miniature things. Don't know why, I just do.)

That being said, jewelry is usually a man's best friend. :)