Wednesday, October 05, 2016

circuits will be the death of me

My apartment is once again experiencing circuit problems. The damn circuit breaker has been popping since last week, turning everything off at inopportune times, including once when I was fast asleep. This is annoying because the contents in my freezer start to thaw, and when the power comes back on, the thawed food refreezes—not a pleasant cycle to put food through. I'm worried that, one day, the power's going to go off as soon as I leave for work, and everything's going to melt. I'll open the freezer, and there'll be a Noachide deluge of frozen dumplings, rice cakes, and dead Eskimos.

Once again, I'm going to have to go downstairs and tell the front-desk ajeossi about my problem. Once again, the repair guys will come over and attempt to fix the wiring, but I now know the fix will be shitty and thus temporary, and I'll be doing this dance again in another few months. I'll probably be blamed, too, for using too much power, even though I'm sparing with electrical appliances (I still use the A/C when home, but I'm away all day*).

The power was out tonight when I got in. My laptop was registering 99% battery power, though, so I think the outage happened not long before I walked in the door. Good thing, that. The only appliances that had been on were the fridge and one electric fan, which I use to dry my bathroom floor. (Ventilation in my bathroom is terrible; even with the fan on, my floor will still have puddles after ten or eleven hours. There are things I truly hate about this apartment.) Given the increasing frequency of these outages, I expect the power to go out again before sunrise, which means my phone will lose power during the night. Bugger. Guess I'll talk to the front-desk ajeossi in the morning.

*It's now cool enough at night for me to turn off the air conditioner and just open a window to let in cool night air, but I live near a water-treatment facility, which means the air that enters my room carries a heavy, cloying stench. I toughed it out last night with the window open, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

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