Monday, October 10, 2016

I can't watch

Is this second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton going to be billed as "the dirty-laundry debate"? I wonder. I see ringside photos of Bill Clinton glowering, with Chelsea next to him. Was the inclusion of Bill Clinton in the audience a psy-ops tactic to keep Trump from out-and-out accusing Wild Bill of being a rapist? If so, I wonder whether Trump brought any of Bill's wronged women with him.

At this point, I actually haven't read any debate-related commentary. I think I'm just going to wait for the debate to end, then I'll sift tentatively through the rubble and get various pundits' impressions on how things went.

More thoughts later. Meanwhile, read Malcolm. For him, the choice is obvious. For me, it's obvious that Hillary would be a disaster for the country, but it's not obvious that Trump would be all that much better. Some on the right say that Trump's priorities are where they should be, so even though he's a bad choice, he's clearly better than Hillary. But Trump is a mercurial flip-flopper, too, so I don't think anything is guaranteed where he's concerned.

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