Thursday, October 20, 2016

shall I walk out to the Han tonight?

And now for something completely different: a change in direction!

When I hit the Yangjae-cheon creekside trail from my office, I always break right in order to follow the trail toward Gwacheon. If I were to break left, I would hit another watercourse, the Tan-cheon, which leads to the Han River. Unlike my friend John McCrarey, I've never walked all the way to the Han before, so tonight might be the night I do something new.

UPDATE: my intestines are vetoing a long walk. Didn't poop all day, which isn't normal. I have to go back to my place and hover close to a terlit, I think.


Surprises Aplenty said...

Did you recover from your fall? I hope you did.

Kevin Kim said...

Still recovering! Thanks for asking. The aches are lasting an annoyingly long time. For some reason, my right ankle was bothering me for a couple days, as if I had twisted it, but I don't recall doing so during the fall. Whatever my recollection, I guess something must've happened. Anyway, the ankle was fine yesterday; I went for a 21K-step walk that included all 14 of my usual staircases (it'll be another week before I'm back up to doing 28; I slacked off from exercising for a while).

My posterior still hurts, but the pain isn't bad—more of a dull ache at the hip than anything else. All systems go.

Am currently thinking I might just do the staircase in my building instead of walking out to the Han tonight. Intestinal reasons.

Surprises Aplenty said...

Was it tough writing "Vetoing" after earlier writing so much about 'voting'?

A few years ago, my father-in-law drove the farm tractor off a path and I fell a few feet into a rice paddy. I jumped up quickly so my wife wouldn't worry I was hurt and helped right the tractor. Two days later I was wondering about a pain in my neck. On the third day, it was getting close to agonizing. Didn't feel a thing on the first day.

John Mac said...

My walk to the Han is only 30 minutes or so. I expect your getting there will be a a lot longer. I do enjoy the riverside though. Never done it at night though.