Sunday, October 09, 2016

flip the switch

And just like that, daytime temperatures have suddenly gone from warm to cool. Today, we're in the 50s (Fahrenheit), and in the coming days, nighttime temperatures will be down in the 40s. I normally tell people that Mother Nature flips a switch in Korea around mid-October; we're a week early this year, but it seems that, barring Indian summer, fall has come in earnest to the peninsula. And thank Cthulhu for it. For me, this means going from short-sleeve weather to light-jacket weather, although I'll still be in short sleeves during my nighttime walks for the next little while: jackets leave me hotter and sweatier than summer days do.

Meanwhile, about those walks: I'm currently resting my pinky toe again; I picked at it around mid-week, and though I tried to be more careful this time, I still managed to remove too much skin. The pain isn't as bad this time; things ought to have healed by the morrow.

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Charles said...

Don't get your hopes up. We had some cool temps today (great for hiking), but they're supposed to start going up again soon. Starting Tuesday we'll be in the 20s again for highs. Next weekend the high is supposed to be 24, although I barely trust the KMA to get the weather right for tomorrow, let alone a week out.