Saturday, October 01, 2016

three-day weekend

Sometimes, the national schedule of holidays will pamper us here in Korea. Hard on the heels of a five-day Chuseok weekend, we are now enjoying a three-day (and for some schools, four-day) weekend thanks to Gaecheon-jeol, the national foundation day (read about Korea's foundation myth here; forgive the poor formatting, the typos, and the misspellings).

I'll be heading out tonight to see Clint Eastwood's "Sully" over at the Lotte World Tower Cinemas. I've been fasting all day, so I'm thinking I'll just keep on fasting through the rest of the day, and I'll walk home from Jamshil and add a creekside stroll to that, staircases and all. I won't be back at my place until well, well past midnight, which will make this a very interesting walk: the creekside trail normally has a lot of people on it, although I've noticed their numbers dwindling now that summer is on the wane.

As for Sunday and Monday... who knows? I normally spend my holidays in quiet isolation.

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