Saturday, October 22, 2016

good riddance

Legacy media continue to die.


  1. Fair enough, although I cut my teeth in both newspaper and magazine publishing. I admit to a little sorrow.

  2. In the near future, dead-tree media will have ceased to exist and online journalists will report the news using nothing but emoticons and GIFs. The few remaining old-school holdouts who insist on using complete, complex sentences will be denounced by the social-media hordes for the thoughtcrime of "syntactic privilege," which discriminates against anyone with a sub-genius IQ, and banished to Antarctica for the remainder of their sorry-ass lives.

  3. I think a little elaboration is in order here. Why "good riddance"?

  4. Charles,


    Or maybe they're all just one reason.

    Or maybe I've just seen too many Styxhexenhammer666 videos.

    To be clear, the term "legacy media" includes a rightie outlet like Fox. Fox, like the other legacy establishments, tries to pass itself off as "fair and balanced" when it so obviously isn't. It's all propaganda at this point, what with the mainstream media largely covering for Hillary Clinton as they are.* My problem isn't necessarily with the bias; it's more a disgust at the pretense of unbiased coverage. If the legacy media were to drop the mask and simply announce their agendas, I wouldn't wish so hard for them all to die. The alternative is to tolerate the current situation, in which we all know everyone is biased, but the media, pro forma, deny this. I think that that denial has a pernicious effect on public discourse because it adds a layer of deceit to it.**

    I'm not saying the new media represent a clearly healthy alternative, but at least the vloggers on YouTube and the folks at their small websites make no bones about where they stand.


    *True, Hillary's reflexive tendency to be secretive sometimes means she worries about what the normally friendly media might find out about her.

    **Another alternative would be for all media to clean house and become as fair and objective as possible. But I don't see that happening. Ever. Glenn Reynolds wryly notes that media bias is a good reason to vote for Trump: President Hillary's gaffes and shenanigans will be suppressed and/or excused by the fawning news outlets, but President Trump will be forced into transparency by media that will relentlessly hold his feet to the fire.

  5. Thanks for the clarification. I don't agree with everything there, but I do see where you're coming from.



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