Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Last night, I went out and got my ticket for "Dr. Strange." I'll be seeing it tomorrow (Thursday) night. Am looking forward to it. Reviews seems to agree that the story is fairly boilerplate, but the visuals are, if you'll pardon the pun, Marvel-ous. Too bad that Mads Mikkelsen is somewhat under-used as a villain, but this is yet another Marvel origin story, so the primary focus is on the development of the hero. Amusingly, there's some pushback from the filmmakers regarding some fans' remarking on the movie's "Inception"-like special effects; several insiders have grumbled some form of, "This is not 'Inception'!" in response to what strikes me as a perfectly natural observation. My own feeling, based on the preview trailers, is that "Strange" is a mish-mash of sci-fi/fantasy tropes we've all seen before, and I'll be commenting more in depth about that in my review.

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