Thursday, December 01, 2016

BP = OK; BS = not so good

Went to the doc for the second part of my monthly (well, 5- or 6-weekly) checkup this morning. Blood pressure remains stable, i.e., not-bad, not-good; blood sugar, however, is way up, and I know why: November was a terrible month for me, diet-wise. You saw all the foodblogging I was doing, so this result isn't surprising. December and early January will probably be bad, too, as it's the holidays. I could compensate by fasting (something the paleo crowd recommends: the occasional random fast), I suppose... we'll see.

Today was the HbA1c test, which I'm supposed to do every three months. Results were quite diabetic at 8.6* (6.0 and under would be ideal; I was in the 7s previously, with 7.0 as a temporary goal), but we're not at a point where my feet are rotting off and I need dialysis and a kidney transplant. Still, let's face facts: this isn't good. The ghost of Dr. Atkins is tapping his foot impatiently and waiting for me to join the ranks of his acolytes, something I'm loath to do (I've tried Atkins before and became a bit depressed while doing it). But very soon, if I don't watch myself, I may have no choice.

*Corrected from 8.8, which I'd mistakenly written earlier.


John from Daejeon said...

Well, that BS is still better than the other BS (Bloody Stool), but it still isn't good.

I remember growing up when I was told to eat my vegetables. There was neither cheese nor calorie-laden dressings ever involved. Broccoli was just plain broccoli and potatoes were potatoes with maybe a sliver's worth of butter. Nowadays, I can't order a hamburger without some idiot fry-jockey putting cheese on it and supersizing my order automatically.

But for those wanting to return to a better, and much thinner, yesteryear, they might want to check out the "Captain Fantastic" family when Viggo removed his kids from their forest Utopia and plunges them into the hell that is modern-civilized society. The scene when the kids see fat people for the first time had me laughing so much that I knocked over my bushel tub of artificially-buttered popcorn and gallon of poison-water cola all over myself.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I've been wanting to see that movie.

Charles said...

I feel somewhat guilty for having contributed to the BS.

Kevin Kim said...


If I die with a mouth full of cake, it'll be a good death.

Good enough.

Charles said...

Ha! Words of wisdom...