Saturday, December 03, 2016

my left foot

While I was at KMA last Saturday, it was snowy, then rainy. As I was walking to lunch with my student, I stepped into a puddle and instantly felt my left sock get soaked. Does my sole have a crack in it? I wondered. I spent the rest of the day avoiding puddles and letting my body heat dry out my sock. Thought nothing of the incident until just today, when I suddenly remembered what had happened and finally looked down at my shoe. Well, well.

Not the best Photoshopping I've ever done, but I'd like to imagine my shoe being inhabited by some interesting residents. I feel sorry for the shoe; it's been with me for years, and all the walking I've done has finally torn a hole in its soul/sole. Time for a new pair.


John from Daejeon said...

Have you looked into re-souling (isn't the sole the soul of your foot/footwear?) them?

By the way, have you seen our girlfriend's recent youtube video. She really knows how to hurt a guy with her husky, Star Wars-loving current boyfriend who isn't afraid to show his unarmored feminine side.

Oh, how I wish I'd never clicked on your your twitter click-bait in the first place, yet there's just something very appealing about her. But being a sore loser, I can't say the same about her middle-aged hypnotist (that's the only way I can see him landing her).

Kevin Kim said...


I have indeed pondered shoe repair. Might still do it, too, but more as a stopgap. These shoes are old and used up.

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, and yes: I did see that Shoe0nHead video.