Saturday, December 10, 2016

last KMA session of the year

Today's marathon session at KMA was one of my largest classes at six people. Four of them had come from the same company, so they all knew each other. Of those four, two ladies had no real reason to be there as they spoke almost no English at work and had nothing to do with international customers. As a more fluent member of their group explained, their company required them to take X hours' worth of self-enrichment courses somewhere, which is how they ended up selecting KMA and my course in particular. The other two students in my class each came from separate companies, but after the first hour, everyone was feeling cozy with each other. Such is my gift as a teacher: put 'em at ease.

The students were, overall, a pretty quick bunch, so we ended class a few minutes early. I think they enjoyed their time, although I suppose I'll know more if and when I get my evals back. (Not that I'm worried; my evals are always in the 95%-100% satisfaction range.) When class began, one student struck me as prissier than C-3PO, but he turned out not to be a problem; in fact, he ended up being one of the most eager and cooperative learners.

All in all, a good day. And now I'm making chili.

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