Monday, December 19, 2016

to the Han, solo

It took two hours, but I finally did it: I finally walked from my place to the Han River. The walk was almost exactly six miles (I walk at almost exactly the human-standard 3 miles per hour), and the route took me from Daecheong Station, where I live, along the Yangjae-cheon, then along the Tan-cheon, then finally along the Han River, until I reached the Dongho Bridge, crossed it, and took the Line 3 subway at Oksu Station back to Daecheong Station. There's a large Daiso (Japanese-style dollar store) underneath the subway station, so I shopped there for some needed supplies before hitting the subway.

I took photos along my walk—mostly of trivial things that happened to catch my eye (so I suppose they weren't so trivial to me). When I got back to my place, I was shocked to discover I had taken nearly eighty pictures, and there's simply no way I'm going to inflict eighty pictures on you, Dear Reader. More likely, I'll comb through the pics, select my top twenty, then blog those. That will also take less time for me to prepare than trying to reduce, crop, and code fourscore digital images.

Stay tuned. Pics are on the way.


Charles said...

You should have taken seven more pics.

Kevin Kim said...

Took me a sec to get that joke, Abe.