Saturday, December 17, 2016

the scales fall away

Scott Adams on how "The Campaign Hallucinations Are Lifting":

Immediately after the election was decided, protests against Trump popped up in several cities. Protesting makes perfect sense if you think Hitler just came to power in your country. You must stop Hitler!

But the days went by and the protests fizzled out.


If you REALLY believe Hitler just came to power in the United States, why would you stop protesting? What are you doing that is more important than stopping Hitler?????????

So why did the protests fizzle out? I find this question fascinating. So should you.

Read the rest, although I'm not optimistic that certain parties are now no longer deluded. Delusions still seem to be running rampant, which is ironic, given that the deluded are the same silly folks who popularized the slangy adjective "woke" to describe themselves.

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King Baeksu said...

"Stay Woke" = "Stay Indoctrinated." Classic Globsoc Newspeak.