Saturday, November 25, 2017

not served on a dirty ashtray

I brought my "bad ham" in to the office today for the Saturday crowd: about half the regular staffers are here, plugging away on projects in an effort to stay ahead of impending December deadlines. Thanks to a coworker who had bought some delicious Korean-style dinner rolls for our Thanksgiving celebration this past Thursday, I was inspired to buy those same rolls today and use them to create ham sliders. The "bad ham" was my overly slow-cooked ham, which turned out not to be too bad. I spread mayonnaise on the buns, placed some pickles on the bottom halves of the bread, sprinkled black pepper on the top half of each bun, then placed a thick slab of ham in the middle. Everyone loved the sandwiches, which was a relief. "Not dry at all!" a few coworkers said. I still felt the ham had been way overcooked, but apparently, I can do no wrong with this crowd, and all ten ham sliders were gobbled up with glee.

Stay tuned for my review of "Justice League," which I finally saw this morning.

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