Thursday, November 30, 2017

yesterday's sin

Bruxie is a chicken-and-waffle joint that opened up in the B1 level of Jamshil's Lotte World Mall a few months ago. I had gone to the mall to look for small carabiners for my dying shoulder bag: the shoulder strap's metal hooks have both given out, forcing me to use flimsy key rings to keep the strap attached to the bag. Alas, the camping store that I had wanted to visit has disappeared completely from the mall's Lotte Mart, which meant that my trip out to Jamshil had been in vain. As a way to make up for that loss, I decided last night that it was finally time for me to visit the chicken-and-waffle place. What you see below is my messed-up order: I had ordered a cheddar-bacon plate, but what I got was the "original" plate.

I decided not to complain; the whole thing looked and smelled amazing. Texture-wise, the meal was absolutely perfect, and the waffle came with an immodestly sized pat (chunk, really) of maple-infused butter. The breast meat was juicy and easy to cut with a dullish knife, and the first few bites of my messed-up order were glorious.

Unfortunately, the meal fell down in terms of taste: there was an underlying salty bitterness that built up over each successive bite of chicken. The waffle was absolutely unimpeachable, but the chicken's coating became less and less palatable as I dug into it. I began to think it might be necessary to do what my mother used to do, i.e., pull the crust entirely off the meat and just eat the meat. But I persevered because, as I used to say to Mom, what's the point of eating fried chicken if you're going to remove the breading?

I may still go back to try the order I had originally intended to eat. It could be that the cheddar and bacon might offset the crust's taste in some way. The meal was excellent in most respects, but sadly came up short in the most crucial quality: taste.

Cost for the 3-piece option: W13,900. Pricey, but not horrifically so.

UPDATE: my coworker tells me that Bruxie is a chain in the States. Sure enough.


Charles said...

I could have waffles every day for a week and still not use all that butter.

Kevin Kim said...

I did my best to use it all. Can't remember whether I succeeded. And get this: the waffle was already thoroughly buttered. It's almost as if Bruxie's CEO were Paula Deen.