Sunday, November 19, 2017

what I'd like to write about

We're in the midst of crunch time here at the office, which is why I'm once again piling on the overtime comp hours. I was here all day Saturday until 2AM Sunday morning, and now I'm back in the office for another 9-or-so-hour session. I'd like to write a review of both "American Gods" the TV series and American Gods the novel (which I've read several times over the past few years), but that's going to have to wait until I'm much less busy, which might not be for a while. So hang tight.


The Maximum Leader said...

I await Season 2 of American Gods. I also enjoy the book very much. Read once years ago, and just re-read about a year ago. Your Goddaughter has it now and says she'll read it over Christmas break.

Kevin Kim said...

I finished Season 1 a few days ago. What'd you think? I have mixed feelings, but I unquestioningly love the choice of actors they've brought together for this cast. Some of the casting was, to use a religious term, inspired. Some of it was simply what I expected, e.g., Peter Stormare as Czernobog. Stormare has played characters with Slavic accents before, and he's played devil-figures before, too (e.g., in "Constantine," where he played Satan), so his appearance in the series isn't a surprise at all.

You know what was a surprise? Finding out that Cloris Leachman was still alive. Heh.

The Maximum Leader said...

I want to write more about my thoughts on AG season 1, but my computer at home is acting out and I've not figured out the solution to stabilize it yet. So, in a moment at work... In a nutshell, I love AG! I think they have masterfully adapted the work and the items they have added have (generally) been a benefit to the story. My quibble is the many Jesuses at the Easter party. I think keeping Jesus out of the story directly would have kept more in the spirit of the novel. It is critical to keep the Jesus quips by Wednesday in the dialogue of the show, but showing many Jesuses I think diminished the power of the narrative when it comes to the gods themselves. In the novel, Jesus as a distant figure only referenced by others, plays into the theme of the gods having power in proportion to the belief of people in the god. But showing all the different Jesuses at the party makes Jesus more of a god like the others, which then leads you to wonder why Wednesday isn't trying to get the many Jesuses into his plan.

I really like Emily Browning and the expanded Laura story.