Friday, November 03, 2017

pics from today's meal

Lasagna, bread, salad, and dessert for eleven! Took me all night, but the compliments were worth it. I was once again asked when I would be opening my restaurant.

The following pics were taken by a coworker, J, who has now made a habit of photographing my meals. She jokes that she wants to devote a blog exclusively to my pesto.

I'm glad J took an overhead shot because the angle makes it less obvious how much the lasagnas collapsed like soufflés after they'd had the chance to cool down:

Three plates (only two visible) of insalata caprese, all of which got eaten (plus homemade pesto and Costco balsamic vinegar) despite how badly the tomatoes sucked:

A caprese closeup (third plate):

Lasagnas plus foil-wrapped baguettes serving as Italian bread:

J's plateful:

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