Monday, December 04, 2017

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Nobody Wants to See Your Dick.

If you’re reading this, congratulations! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you’ve finally made it to the top of your respective field. You set a goal, you put your mind to it, and here you are, ready to take on anything that comes your way. Here’s to many years of continued success.

With that in mind, a quick reminder before we continue:

Nobody wants to see your dick.

My own pop-psych theory is that human behavior tends to be genital-shaped: male behavior, as per the phallus's form, is often intrusive, transgressive, penetrating, violating, and probing. There's an eager, forward-thrusting aspect to male behavior that appears early in childhood and, unless curbed and channeled by schooling in the ways of gentlemen, causes certain womenfolk* a degree of discomfort. Once channeled and properly disciplined, male urges can be of great benefit to society: witness rebel feminist Camille Paglia's claim that, if it were left up to women, no great structures would be built, and no untrammeled realms would ever be explored—no discovery of new lands, no reaching for the moon, etc.

Women, meanwhile, practice coyness, secretiveness, and indirection, as per the hidden folds and cavernous spaces of their genitalia.** They also follow the uterine dictates of care and nurture and protection. As with men, these urges can be directed to good or bad ends, and lest we think that it's only men who can be predatory and rapey, I recommend going to Instapundit and typing "TEACH WOMEN NOT TO" in the blog's search window. The search results will enlighten you—maybe even astound you.

*At the same time, a man who is content to remain a passive beta male is guaranteed never to find himself with a woman. Such passivity runs counter to the phallus-shaped, once-more-unto-the-breach nature of maleness.

**Have you ever tried to contact a woman a few times to no avail, and then, when you meet her and confront her with her unresponsiveness, she bats her lashes and innocently says, "Oh? You tried to contact me?" Coyness and indirection (lying) right there. Why? Because a woman's got to have her secrets. Classically vagina-shaped behavior. Of course, the savvy male knows that most women claim to desire more, rather than less, communication, so if a given woman is unresponsive, this is a titanic hint for the male to desist in his probing, insistent, penis-shaped behavior. Take the dick somewhere else.

UPDATE: from comedian Bob Kostic (@causticbob on Gab), the following gem:

A failsafe way to tell if a girl is over 30:
Ask her how old she is.
If she doesn't tell you, she's over 30.

Coyness and indirection. Vagina-shaped behavior.

(Under-30 women have different secrets to keep. Like weight and dating history.)

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