Monday, December 04, 2017

weight gain, weight loss

I'm actually afraid to weigh myself right now because I know I've ballooned several kilos over the past two-or-so weeks. For that reason, I'm seriously dieting starting this week, and continuing over the following two weeks for a total of three weeks' penitence. No solid food during this first week, and a serious reduction in carb intake in order to kick-start the weight loss. This is being paired up with a return to walking—a return that began last week, in fact. I'll be alternating walks out to the Han River with my standard, 14-staircase walk: MWF for the Han and TRSa for the staircases. (And on Sunday, like the Deity, I'll rest.)

By the time three weeks have gone by, I ought to be down to a saner weight and back up to where I had been, cardio-wise, about six weeks ago. My other reason for dieting and ratcheting up the physical activity is that I need to train for a possible walk, again to Incheon and back, during the week between Christmas and New Year's. I'll be on break from about December 23 to January 1, returning to the office on January 2. Christmas is on a Monday this year, so I'm planning to walk during the four-day, all-weekday span from December 26 to December 29 (Tuesday to Friday). That leaves me the weekend to rest up and to celebrate the new year.

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