Friday, December 22, 2017

it happens at 6PM

I'll be hitting the witch doctor at 6PM today, probably burning a few comp hours to get out of work early and begin my much-needed vacation. Depending on my pain levels after I'm done with the witch doctor, I'll make a decision as to whether I'll be doing the Incheon walk, but right now, to be honest, signs are pointing toward no. I'm out of shape and severely lacking in decent sleep. I haven't done any long-distance practice walks (usually around five hours in length) to get my feet ready for the pressures of daily 8- and 9-hour schleps. With all that going against me, I'm thinking it's probably unwise to just traipse on out the door and try to hike thirty kilometers a day for four days. Not to worry: if I do decide to cancel the walk, I have other ways to occupy my time. Plenty of projects await.

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Charles said...

It sounds like erring on the side of caution might be best, even if your pain levels do suddenly drop. Don't want to risk aggravating anything. Incheon will always be there, right? I mean, hopefully.