Monday, December 11, 2017

another day off

Today, Monday, ended up being a day off as a way to burn off a few comp hours. I had 88 hours to burn; I'll be burning most of those hours for my Christmas vacation, but today, I burned off the eight hours I had accrued from working this past Saturday. I went shopping for muffuletta ingredients, but as it turns out, the usual places are no longer stocking the ingredients I need to make a true muffuletta: I can't find muffuletta bread anywhere; the local Costco no longer has provolone or sliced Emmenthal (neither does High Street Market), and the spreads I'll be using on the sandwich aren't true to a real muffuletta, which normally has only "olive salad" on it. I'll be using pesto on one slice of bread and olive tapenade on the other. So, no: this is by no means a true muffuletta (a sandwich named after the bread it's made with), so I'm dropping the term and just calling this a twist on a deli sandwich. It's still going to be damn good, but it just won't be The Real Thing.

Photos to follow, I'm sure.

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