Monday, December 04, 2017

Billy Bush: J'accuse—!

Billy Bush, whose infamous interview with Donald Trump gave us the audio of Trump using the "grab 'em by the pussy" phrase, comes out with a kind-of mea culpa and some passed-along accusations that Trump has himself been a serial harasser. Regarding the accusations that Bush passes along: he witnessed none of the incidents, but he considers the testimony believable, which is only fair, I guess: we currently live in an always-believe-the-accuser era, with "innocent until proven guilty" having gone out the window.

My own stance: if there's something actionable in what these women say, then by all means, may they go to town on Trump. But if this is a time-wasting nothingburger, expect blowback in some form, either with the airing of the latest hypocrisy or with actual rebound effects (as with hypocrisy here or with rebound effects here).

Bill Clinton seems to have the history of a predator several times over, and he's gotten away scot-free, despite an impeachment. For the sake of argument, if we assume Donald Trump is guilty of similar or worse sins, how realistic is it that his presidency will be taken down by a pile-on of accusations, especially with the GOP dominating both houses of Congress? I think Trump's removal is a bunch of leftie pipe-dreaming, and that we're in for at least one full term of Trump, if not two full terms. That's the realistic perspective, like it or not.

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King Baeksu said...

Slick Willie's greatest crime was his horrible taste in women.

As for Trump, remember the Golden Rule: It's almost never sexual harassment if the guy is good-looking and has a shitload of cash.