Thursday, December 28, 2017

called into work

There are days when I wish I were my own boss. Today was one of those days: I got a call from my boss, who needed me to come in and resolve a problem of possibly missing files. These files are part of a larger set of "daily tests" given to students who are using the grammar textbook I wrote. The boss said we were missing the tests for units 1-3 of the Level 1A book; I had thought that those tests had been created and filed away, but the boss insisted he couldn't find them. The only thing I could do to help—because I couldn't access the company's servers remotely—was schlep over to the office and do a manual search.

Turned out the files had never been created, so my task then became to sit down for three hours and create the requisite daily tests. This wasn't how I'd hoped to be spending my day today, but there we are. It's frustrating to realize you're on call, like a fireman or a medical professional, but that's how it is when the company owns you.

I need to write a goddamn bestseller and spend the rest of my days living off the royalties.

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