Thursday, December 07, 2017

Pepple, Pepple, and more Pepple

Avowed leftist Dr. John Pepple, curator of I Want a New Left, a blog that is critical of where American leftism has gone in recent decades, has written a few posts of late that deserve linkage. Here's a short list of the professor's latest.

An Interesting Quote on the Millennials

Trump’s Alleged Insanity

Hey, Democrats, You Can Always Move To Canada, But Where Can I Move?

About that third link: people on both the left and the right have loudly claimed that they'd renounce their citizenship and abandon America if X ever became president. As Pepple notes, these people almost never make good on their threats, although Pepple does link to an article in which it's claimed that quite a few people renounced their US citizenship when Obama came into power. I've always found the threat to leave one's country to be a cowardly one. Stay and fight, I say: if you and your spouse had a nasty spat, would you just walk out on your marriage and family? How stupid would that be? I have to chuckle, too, at the idea that, when people threaten to leave, they name destinations like Canada, France, and Australia—never places like Somalia or Honduras—or even nearby Cuba, that worker's paradise. The subtext is that, even if the people threatening to move have certain political leanings, their desired destinations reveal prejudices to which they'd never admit. So: cowardly and prejudiced!

And you know what? Now that I think of it, maybe it is better for such people to leave my country. Good fucking riddance.


John from Daejeon said...

I can honestly say that if I were living, due to just being born, in those truly hellish conditions in North Korea, Venezuela, parts of crime-ridden Central America and Africa, or anywhere where some ethnic, religious, or political difference meant living a life in extreme fear of death or imprisonment for one's self and family, I'd do all I could to escape those hells on Earth and probably head to the U.S. like so many over the years have.

But I wholeheartedly agree with you about these sorry people living in the U.S., and other first-world countries, and their holier-than-thou snowflake attitudes. Most of whom have never suffered the true horror of living in, or during, brutal regimes where real suffering is more than a barista not getting your coffee order just right, losing cell phone coverage for a short time, or someone you don't like getting elected for a few years to public office.

I guess most of these clueless wonders have never even imagined putting themselves in someone else's shoes to realize just how great they had/have it Obama's or Trump's America in comparison to those suffering horrible, never-ending conditions in North Korea's gulags or one of countless refugee camps in Africa. I'd also like to say good riddance to these morons though, but it'd involve using much more colorful language. And I doubt any of these cowards will learn anything of value from the recent news of these two fools that the United States helped free from their foolish foray into the hands of the Taliban. Especially, as it always seems that when things get really bad, even those that profess to hate the United States, and its military, will beg profusely for its help.

Charles said...

From what I hear, Canadian immigration procedures are very strict--I have a feeling that even if a lot of the people who claim they would move to Canada tried to make good on their promises, they would be rejected. That would be pretty funny.