Thursday, June 27, 2019

must-see interview with Emily Lau

A lawyer, politician, activist, and staunch defender of a "one country, two systems" approach for Hong Kong, Emily Lau presents a striking contrast to craven toady Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's current chief executive and Beijing-minion, whom millions of demonstrators want to see out of office. China Uncensored's Chris Chapel has put up a 24-minute interview with Ms. Lau. I found it utterly engrossing. For those with too much to do in their lives: Lau speaks slowly enough that you can watch the video at 2X speed and still understand her clearly.

On a poignant note, listening to Lau reminded me a lot of listening to my great-aunt Gertrude who, even in her eighties, was full of life and sure in her convictions about right and wrong. Ms. Lau and my great aunt would have enjoyed sitting together and talking about the world. I generally turn a sour eye on politicians, but if more politicians managed to sound like Emily Lau instead of sounding as if they'd just come from an asshole-sucking session, I might like and respect politicians in general a hell of a lot more.

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