Wednesday, June 26, 2019

the Google scandal has legs

Google's current scandal isn't going away anytime soon. Will it lead to Google's collapse? Hardly. If the phrase "too big to fail" applies to any entity, it applies to Google. That said, things aren't looking good for the company that, until a few years ago, arrogantly admonished all of us proles not to be evil.

Google Execs Suddenly Go Into Hiding After Project Veritas Exposes...

Tim Pool has a good followup on the Google mess:

Styx also has a take on what's going on:

Meanwhile, antitrust legislation is becoming a hotter and hotter topic by the day. Pool's video, above, notes that the call to break up Big Tech firms is now coming from both sides of the aisle. On the Dem side, you've got voices ranging from AOC to Kamala Harris to Maxine Waters to Elizabeth Warren. Any number of voices are coming from the right, but one of the louder ones is that of Senator Ted Cruz, who is young enough to have some idea of what's actually happening in Big Tech.

Right now, it's a bit like dousing an elephant's ankles with gasoline and setting the beast on fire. You won't kill the elephant, but there's a chance you might hobble it. With a giant, all-powerful firm like Google, maybe that's the best we can hope for.

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