Friday, June 07, 2019

Tim Pool's analysis of collective insanity

Tim Pool on why the left has gone nuts:

My only problem with the analysis is that, while it may be correct, it exculpates the left by making it into a victim of "the media." I do like Pool's analysis of data showing that liberal whites are, racially, the most self-hating group out there. No one else even comes close to embodying that level of self-hatred. And now that I think about it, I'd say it's as much because of that demographic's ideology as it is because of "the media" that the left is as insane as it is.

Those times when I've written about suicide on this blog, I've touched on the issue of insanity, rationality, and human freedom. Using the example of the would-be jumper poised at the edge of the roof, I've argued that, in such an extreme situation, most of us will attempt to talk the jumper down from the ledge. This is because we instinctively appeal to the jumper's rationality—a rationality that we all possess, even if it's shot through with mental illness. The mentally ill still retain a degree of free will, thanks to their rationality—however vestigial—so they're still responsible for their actions. (Aside: this may be one reason why I don't buy the "insanity defense." A psychopathic killer is plenty rational, as is evinced by the methodical way he plans his kills.) Upshot: even if the left has gone insane, as Tim Pool has repeatedly stated in a series of videos, it should not be exculpated.

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