Saturday, June 29, 2019

PJW: determined to go out in a blaze of glory

Paul Joseph Watson, never shy about sharing his acerbic opinions, has two videos out: one about how London has become a shithole, and another about the recent idiocy from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in which she involved herself in a fake-news piece of performance art, pretending to weep at the sight of miserable, detained illegal aliens at the US-Mexico border: in the photos where she's supposedly crying after seeing abject refugees, she's actually staring at an empty parking lot. The AOC news has been around for several days, and I hadn't bothered to blog about it because it's yet another in a long string of asinine acts by the freshman congresswoman. But PJW always puts a jolly spin on his bitterness, so I had to throw the AOC and London videos up on the blog.

Recently, given the mass Big Tech censorship going on, Watson has spoken darkly about how his days on YouTube are numbered. He is slowly but surely being demonetized and deplatformed, which has prompted him, like many fellow righties, to move to untouchable free-speech zones in the alt-tech sphere. These alt sites (e.g.,, BitChute, Gab, Parler, etc.) are much smaller than the Big Tech platforms of Twitter, Google/YouTube, and Facebook, but thousands have been moving over to them because of the sites' strong pro-free-speech stances. Watson has made the move, and he knows his time on YouTube is coming to a close, so I guess he's spending his final weeks or months trying to be as incendiary as he can. I'll probably stay with YouTube until the situation becomes intolerable, mainly because YouTube, through its sheer size, has become a trove of useful information for anyone wanting to learn anything about anything. Gab and Parler, while allowing people to breathe more freely, are overpopulated with people who do nothing but spout political opinions. And that's why I occasionally miss Twitter. Whatever the platform's problems, it offered a wide variety of possible interactions. That's something the alt-tech site will have to work on, and soon.

A shame about London. I watch Sorted Food, which presents a bright, clean, happy, and thoroughly sanitized image of London to the viewer. Watching Sorted, you'd never guess at how conditions apparently are there. Another city soon to have police no-go zones. Was John Cleese wrong to complain that London isn't an English city anymore? Probably not. Hell, the French folks I've known were saying, "Paris, ce n'est pas la France" back in the Eighties. London's just the next city to be rugby-piled by the ever-marching zombies.

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