Tuesday, June 25, 2019

neck: status update

I'm impressed: the antibiotics seem to be working. I was actually able to sleep last night—something I haven't been able to do since Friday night. Having an infected, achy neck means there's no comfortable position you can assume while in bed. Either you roll onto the swelling and receive a truckload of pain that way, or you roll off the swelling and, thanks to the angle of your head, end up painfully stretching the pus-filled sac.

But last night, I had a night's sleep. Not a good night's sleep, mind you, but I slept. This morning, the neck ached as if I had strained a muscle; in fact, swiveling my head has been a chore all day long. That said, I don't feel the mental fog I had experienced over the weekend: there's no more dizziness, and I can type at full speed just fine. I felt a tiny bit feverish before going to sleep last night, but there's been no fever at all today. I'm still feeling weak and sluggish enough that I won't be walking home tonight, but if this improvement trend continues, I ought to be doing much better by the weekend.

So that's how things stand for now. I've got enough pills to last me through tomorrow, then I go back to the skin clinic on Thursday for some more breezy, brisk, blithely delivered Korean-style health care. I'll be curious to see whether I get another three days' worth of pills. Am betting yes. Which means I get to see the cutie at the pharmacy again.

Lesson learned: don't pick at your folliculitis keloidalis. And wash your bed linens more often. All this reminds me of a poem I wrote years and years ago.


  1. Hooray!

    In other news, for some completely unknown reason, I have been unable to get to sleep at night. And I have no neck-munching demons.

  2. You definitely have my sympathy. Whatever the cause, being unable to sleep sucks.



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