Thursday, October 31, 2019

Day 29 of the walk = finally written up

I still have an epilogue post to write, which will discuss many aspects of the trek and give something of a behind-the-scenes perspective on things, but for the moment, I'll note that I've just written up the report for Day 29, the final day of the walk. Scroll to the bottom of the Day 29 post on the walk blog to see that summary.

I've also been slowly but surely adding "photo essays" to the walk blog, uploading the full complement of pics taken every day of the walk. No captions yet; those are coming. I'm working backwards, chronologically, so there are currently pics going back in time from October 26 to October 4. Eventually, I'll have pics uploaded all the way through September 28, the first day of the walk. The images are located at the bottom of each blog post; simply scroll down further than you did during your initial reading of each post.

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