Tuesday, October 29, 2019

random political videos (dump)

My list of "Blog Dis Shit L8r" videos is long. Here are some more politics-tinged vids:

Do you notice the preponderance of black conservatives in the above videos? I love black conservatives because of the cognitive dissonance they produce in white liberals, many of whom can't quite keep their racism under control when they see these strange, unicorn-like beings galloping across the political veldt. To be black and conservative is to be called nigger, coon, race traitor, sellout, and Uncle Tom (a moniker that, as Larry Elder notes, involves an ironic misconception of who the character Uncle Tom actually was in Stowe's novel) by the very liberals who also bray about how much they deplore racism. The left has much to answer for when it comes to its own racism, which is partly born of its intolerance of intellectual diversity. This is why black conservatives refer to left-liberal ideology—and the imperative to march in lockstep with it—as "the plantation." A goodly fraction of the #WalkAway movement describes itself as "leaving the plantation," i.e., abandoning the tyranny and slavery of leftist ideas. As good, well-intended, truly compassionate people like Tim Pool demonstrate, the left doesn't have to be this way. I'd go so far as to say there's nothing inherently toxic about leftism,* but the fact remains that today's left is, or seems to be, dominated by its most toxic wing. I've ranted before about how my experience on Gab (a pro-free-speech Twitter competitor) rubbed the leprous, bigoted right in my face; I'd say the same goes for the left, except the left has more trouble acknowledging its dark side.

*Let me unpack that thought. I'm not a leftist. But what I mean is that the country is at its healthiest when there's a dynamic tension caused by the constant strain and interplay between conflicting perspectives and philosophies. I wouldn't want to see an America completely dominated by the left (just look at the massive landfill known as California), but I also wouldn't want to see an America completely dominated by the right. Things need to remain antipodal; the Force must remain in balance. I'm a fan of dynamic tension for sure.

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