Tuesday, October 29, 2019

your massive dose of Tim Pool

Tim Pool's videos tend to be pretty long, so I watch him at 1.75X speed. This makes it funny whenever he gives us one of his rare on-screen laughs, but the wait is usually worth it. Pool, unlike Styx, is an unabashed liberal, but these days, we have to distinguish Pool and his liberalism from the leftist bullshit currently clogging up public discourse. Pool does his best to be fair-minded and impartial, and he has found himself forced into what is, for him, the very uncomfortable position of pointing out left-liberal hypocrisy and affirming that it's often the right whose point of view corresponds more closely with reality. While I disagree with many aspects of Pool's personal politics, Pool is a true lover of intellectual diversity—something many liberals aren't—and he actively welcomes such disagreement so long as it leads to constructive (or at least edifying) dialogue and not to the usual retarded shouting matches that characterize most mainstream leftie (and rightie—admit it) news/commentary shows. If you're a rightie, and you're sane, you probably have some grudging respect for Tim Pool. At the very least, you know you can sit down with him and feel secure that he won't quote you the same brainwashed pablum that other leftists will blindly regurgitate. Here are some of the Tim Pool videos that made it onto my "Blog Dis Shit L8r" list:

As I said regarding Styx, you ought to give Tim Pool a listen before you pre-judge him sight unseen. He often marvels at how he, too, is accused of being an alt-right Nazi by people who simply can't see reality for what it is. People in the grip of a delusion will accuse everyone else of being delusional; this is par for the course. But the level of insanity in the United States these days is becoming extreme... at least in virulent cesspools like Twitter. By contrast, Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds repeatedly notes that most average Americans are still perfectly decent to each other, whatever their differences. Pool, unfortunately, thinks the country is headed toward a massive and jagged-edged civil war, a claim that Styx denies. (Styx basically agrees with Glenn Reynolds that the signs of civil war simply aren't there if you truly have a finger on the pulse of average middle America.) My own experience in the States last year wasn't marked by tense encounters that, Tarantino-like, could have exploded at any moment into random, bloody violence. Most of what I saw was Situation Normal. So let go of the death grip on your jock straps and know that Americans probably aren't anywhere near ready to kill each other over ideas. Things look crazy because things always look crazy through the filter of television. Du calme, s'il vous plaƮt. Du calme. And don't take the country's pulse by consulting Twitter. Twitter is its own little bubble of drooling idiocy, not the vox populi.

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