Tuesday, October 29, 2019

the pic dumps have begun

Over at the walk blog, I've started uploading all my pictures for each day of the hike. I'm working backward, so right now, pics for the final three or so days of the trek are up. No commentary yet; that's going to take a while to add. Go have a look at all the images I couldn't upload while I was on the trail! I'll be uploading a few days' worth of images every day, so check back frequently.


John Mac said...

Kevin, I'm not seeing any updates on the walk blog. Is it me, or you?

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the query.

Pics are appearing on the walk blog, slowly but surely. You need to scroll to the ends of the blog posts to see them, and know that I'm working backwards in time from the end of the walk to the beginning. If you've been looking for additional pics at the "front end" of the blog posts (i.e., the chronological beginning), then I haven't gotten that far yet.

I've done only a few day's worth at this point, but try these:

October 26 (final day of the walk)

October 24

October 23

...and I think that's it for the moment. Sorry I'm not proceeding in chronological order; I'm working backwards in time mainly because that's how the files have organized themselves in Google Drive. It's easier for me to batch-download the files in reverse chronological order. And who am I to question the great god Google?