Monday, October 28, 2019

...and we're back

I've returned from my long walk from Incheon to Busan. It's good to be back in Seoul, not so good to be back at work, and a bit sad to once again say goodbye to Korea's beautiful riverlands. It's going to be a weird period of blog-juggling as I go back and forth between this blog and my walk blog. I still have a million photos to upload to the walk blog (a few gigabytes' worth, actually), plus a few "after-action reports," to use John Mac's terminology. Upshot: the transition back from the walk blog to this blog will take a couple weeks.

For this blog, meanwhile, I bookmarked a ton of YouTube videos that I watched as I walked south; I want to embed them all, and I'll be doing so in batches. Many of the videos—plus some articles that I found interesting—pertain to news that's already outdated because of the constantly churning nature of the 24-hour news cycle. All the same, I see these things as having current relevance even if they lack immediacy, so like it or not, Dear Reader, I'll be slapping up plenty of videos and article links over the coming days.

Meanwhile, keep checking the walk blog for updates. Uploading all those pics will be a project in itself, but in the end, you'll get what I hope will be a visual treat. Stand by, stay tuned, and most important: rock on.