Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Was tue ich an diesem Halloween?

I don't normally watch horror movies anymore. They generally don't scare me; if anything, I usually end up pointing and laughing at the stupidity of the characters on screen. I have two films lined up, however, that I'm hoping might creep me out, and if I get back from work early enough tomorrow evening, I aim to watch them back to back and then, of course, review them for you. Those two films are "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" and "Midsommar," both of which have received generally positive reviews. (Read Steve Honeywell's cultural-anthro review of "Midsommar" here; his actor-appreciative review of "Autopsy" is here.)

I'm going back to the doctor on Friday for an official, job-sanctioned health checkup (not my usual pill run for BP and blood sugar; I did that this past Monday), so according to the Korean protocol, I can't eat anything the morning of the appointment, which I suppose also means I shouldn't be eating anything late at night the previous day. Otherwise, I'd cook some popcorn for myself so as to have a proper movie night. Well... maybe watching horror on an empty stomach will somehow make the movies scarier. We'll see. But part of me is expecting to just point and laugh, like usual.


Charles said...

Heading out with some colleagues for dinner and drinks, but that's completely unrelated to Halloween. Maybe they will have scary beer.

Kevin Kim said...

May all your libations be frightful.

Kevin Kim said...

(I'm belatedly realizing that that may be a visual pun on the word "highball.")