Tuesday, October 29, 2019

fascination dump

Here are some YouTube vids that have nothing to do with politics, but that piqued my interest for various reasons:

This video is by far the most fascinating, for my money:

Amazing, eerie, and also sometimes sad in how it evokes the past:

Watch this, and pay attention to the comedic insight...

Then watch this, and pay attention to the analysis:

I am decidedly not a fan of the altered music being used in the final trailer for "Rise of Skywalker." As Charles Cornell points out above, there are some very un-John Williams-ish things going on with the score. Cornell politely expresses appreciation for the music, but I suspect he's holding back, and that he really wants to shit all over the pop-music makeover that Williams's score has received. Don't groom a Doberman to make it look like a poodle.

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