Tuesday, July 07, 2020

you don't touch Saint Frederick

Frederick Douglass is one of the few historical figures whom I deeply admire. He enjoys the status of a saint in my mind. An autodidact who escaped slavery and went on to speak eloquently on behalf of the plight of his people, and on behalf of the equality of all human beings, Frederick Douglass truly is an American hero, a towering figure from our past who deserves our utmost respect.

So imagine my fury when I read that a statue of Douglass had been ripped off its pedestal and dragged over to a nearby river, presumably in an attempt to dump it in the water. This desecration occurred in Rochester, New York, at the very place where (and on the very date when) Douglass gave his "What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?" speech, 168 years ago.

More and more often, I find myself fantasizing about taking up a sniper position not far from certain statues, just so I can expose a few rioter-plunderer-desecrators' brains to the open air. Maybe it's good that I'm in Korea because, were I in the States about now, I might very well be in jail. And without a single twinge of regret.


John Mac said...

The ignorance of their destruction is astounding. I guess any old statue will do regardless of the values it represents.

Like you, I'm glad to be far from the USA these days. I doubt I'd be pushed to violence but I'd be so pissed all the time I might have a stroke. I read the news with my morning coffee and then spend the rest of the day trying to walk and drink it off my mind.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

The folks pulling down those statues of Grant, Douglas, and Lincoln are doing this for their own sadistfaction.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Kevin Kim said...


There is indeed something primal and sadistic about what's happening. To be honest, I feel myself becoming more primal and sadistic(-minded) in response.


"I guess any old statue will do regardless of the values it represents."

Sad but true.