Thursday, January 14, 2021

stay tuned

The local Costco is selling Beyond Meat patties, so on a recent Costco run, I grabbed a package, and I plan to cook myself some gawl-dang veggie burgers this week.  Expect photos and an honest report on how the patties taste.  In truth, I'm much more interested in the Impossible Burger, but that's not on sale at groceries in Korea, and it became available in select US groceries only in late 2019, so in terms of cosmic time, it's barely made an appearance.  I hope the Impossible Burger hits Korea sometime before I die or leave the country; while people say it doesn't quite taste like real meat, there's a certain uncanny meatiness to the taste thanks to the inclusion of heme as an ingredient.  Heme can be found in both plants and animals, and as you've doubtless already guessed, it's related to the hemo- in hemoglobin.  Heme gives the Impossible Burger a somewhat meaty taste, and it makes the patty behave in the skillet the way a meaty burger does, i.e., it browns up the same way and remains "rare" on the inside the same way.

But first things first.  I need to hunt down some proper burger buns. trimmings, and condiments.  Once I've got those, I'll prep some burgers and report back.


John Mac said...

How does the price compare to real meat?

Kevin Kim said...

Fairly expensive. About W15000 for four quarter-pound patties. Not a price point that I find motivating. That's about twice as expensive as ground chuck (which is already expensive in Korea).