Wednesday, August 04, 2004

estrogen assault

My daily walk to EC takes me past a clothing store called Teenie Weenie, whose mascot is a dickless teddy bear. This is good preparation for the onslaught of female hormones that has become my day at EC. Just yesterday, Miss SNU (who's now being taught by my Canadian co-worker "A") took time to stop by my classroom to say hi. She actually hung around for a few moments after I'd stopped talking while I did little more than grin oafishly. She was wearing some amazingly short shorts. I didn't realize she was that... leggy. Oh, the pain.

But lust isn't content to torment me in just one incarnation. No: I've got another unbearably cute student who's actually hoping to go to Washington, DC to study. I know that Miss SNU has a boyfriend, but I have no idea of Miss DC's status. Her cell phone rang once in class, and she clicked it off rather than answering the male voice who barked "Yoboseyo!?" loudly enough for me to hear. I got the impression this was Miss DC's man, but I didn't ask.

Miss DC was wearing sandals the other day; did I tell you about her funky toenails? No? Along with nail polish, the big toes sported some sort of tiny silver studs that reminded me of the silver sprinkles you see on cupcake icing. Miss DC's older than Miss SNU, and quieter-- not quite as perky, but demure and charming in her own way (heh... at least for now, anyway; we all know the stories about how Korean women metamorphose once they've bagged their man). I also found myself admiring the shape of Miss DC's toes. Suckable.

Ah, me.

And now, I'm off to take a nap for a couple hours. I tossed and turned until about 2AM last night; had to get up at 5. I've got a fairly easy schedule for the evening half of my split shift tonight... I'm hoping to just go home and flop walruslike into bed.

I still love my bed, by the way. Can't get over the fact that I'm using one. What a luxury.


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