Monday, August 09, 2004

probing deeply

Two questions for Dr. Vallicella:

1. What does "middle knowledge" mean in reference to God's omniscience? (The term appears in one chapter of The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity, and is applied, at least in part, to the question of how to reconcile God's foreknowledge with human freedom.) Can this concept be explained in fewer than 500 words, in plain English? This request isn't a slight against Dr. V's blogging style, which is already pretty damn streamlined, but a sad statement about the kind of easy-to-munch sound bites I need in order to understand something difficult quickly.

2. Why meditate? I have my own personal answer to this question, but I'm curious to know what other meditators have to say for themselves. Other meditators than Dr. V are, of course, welcome to blog their responses or email them to me. If emailed to me, I'll be sure to print the emails. If blogged, please let me know you've done so.


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