Monday, August 30, 2004

ooooh, yes

Score one for the conservative bloggers. Here's a choice paragraph from a blog called No Credentials, which I discovered through the flamingly conservative KBJ:

A deep acquaintance with Foucault's History of Sexuality and a propensity for seeing a Panopticon in every self-service supermarket checkout doesn't mean you understand the actual effects of rent control any better than my mother does. Twenty years of performing materialist analyses of novels by mentally ill writers does not etch within you a superior understanding of the DSM IV, and it most certainly does not give you a loftier pulpit from which to preach about pharmaceuticals and brain disorders.

Fuck, yeah. I'm convinced that postmodernist thinking, taken as a whole, is a dead end. It has no sway outside of academe, and leads only to the dingleberried ass crack of oblivion.

Off to bed. Up at 5AM. Shit.


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