Friday, August 20, 2004

in other news

My EC students keep noting that I look tired. I don't necessarily feel tired while teaching, but I do feel like sagging into a corner when the day is over at 10PM. I need more sleep. Something's got to give, and it might have to be the blog.

Yeah, that'll happen.

A colleague pointed out a hapkidojang near the Nakseongdae subway station... I might have to go check it out.

I thought I was in for a free Saturday, but I've been asked to work a 4-hour shift. I doubt this'll translate as overtime pay. In the end, I'll have done three Saturdays this month, as I was originally told.

Most of the money for my first big pay day, in September, is already spoken for. Fuck.

Another colleague had the opportunity to teach Miss SNU. His reaction: "She made me break into a sweat." I hear ya', man. She'd make any man sweat.

Off for an hour's nap, then back to the bump-and-grind.


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