Saturday, August 28, 2004


Chat Maven sends me the following link. Enjoy.

It's Saturday, and my schedule's looking pretty damn busy. After work ends at 6:30PM today, I'm teaching French for an hour or so... then I'll grab dinner, start the weekly laundry ritual, and will end up at a PC-bahng later in the evening to work on part or all of that pluralism post. Sorry for delays, but life really has been hellishly busy.

UPDATE: Damn-- forgot to put up this link from Annika. Good luck in law school, A!

UPDATE 2: My Saturday evening students freaked out when a monitor in one of the classrooms seemed to come alive: the cursor was moving on its own and clicking icons, they said. I've seen this happen with computers hooked together in a LAN configuration, but I guess these students had never seen anything like that before. How quickly we reach for superstitious answers to potentially mysterious questions.


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