Thursday, August 05, 2004

squeezing out a steaming link dump

Some call this the cheap way out of real blogging, but I think it's a good idea to share the love now and again.

From conservative Conrad: a thought-provoking post detailing the Gweilo's feelings re: the Kerry photo op that ended with some Marines expressing their, uh, dislike of Kerry.

From liberal Richard: a shameful incident in Tennessee, in which a group of Iraqis trying to learn more about the inner workings of democratic government get shut out of City Hall in Memphis.

WHOA-- I just accessed Anticipatory Retaliation directly from this PC-bahng! Could this mean the lifting of the ban on MuNu blogs as well? Stay tuned.

[NB: I hope you'll write in to tell me if you're unable to access MuNu, Typepad, and blogs.]

From the Marmot: Dennis Miller about to catch hell? Here's the question: in a country where folks actually do eat dog meat (and among those folks are a few of us foreigners), how can people pretend it isn't happening? And no, it's not exactly "rare" here: go to some spots in Suji, for example, and you'll see two or three boshin-t'ang-jip in a row on some streets. To be clear: dog-eating isn't common, either, and it's not what I'd call representative cuisine. But it has its defenders, both Korean and foreign, and is a definite part of the culture. Sorry, Dr. Burgess-Jackson, but I find the scrappy little yappers pretty damn tasty, myself. And yes, I'm fully aware they suffer a lot before they get dunked in the pot. I guess this makes me "depraved" according to the way you reckon depravity, but by my estimation, half your blogroll qualifies as "depraved" meat-eaters, so I'm in good company. Maybe it's better to style it a Rogues' Gallery rather than a blogroll.

For more pics of yummy dogs, go here. The pic of an entire puppy in a bowl is priceless.

Speaking of KBJ, you need to read this post. It's proof positive the man's an addict like the rest of us. Dr. Vallicella has his own comments on KBJ's cyber-crisis.

The Maximum Leader's Minister of Propaganda has been putting the smackdown on Bush et al. Go over and read, here and here and here. Also of note is the Air Marshal's take on Kerry, Bush, and the war on terror here and here.

Freak. And I mean that in a good way. By the way-- my ass is in Osaka next week, but I doubt we'll be able to meet up, as I have to trek straight over to the Korean Embassy to do my paperwork. Gonna be wasting the day in bureaucratic hell.

Andi's doing a series on Korean Buddhist liturgy, which I'm following with interest. Start here and move forward in time.

Wooj: gastronome. But, Wooj-- next time you want to take a pic of someone draped over your couch, make sure the person's female.

Ssssshhhhhhh. Not blogging now.

Off to take that afternoon nap.


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